Live Clocking Systems

If required a live clocking system can also be supplied by us for the officer to do a perimeter patrol and report live to the office this included a panic button and takes photos has a supervisor request ext.

Patrolling Procedures

Purpose: To be alert while on duty for any incidents of a criminal nature and to respond to any incident, which may cause harm to any individual or company property. No routine patrol must take place on the premises.


Noordvaal security will supply each security officer with a radio. This will enable our officer to be in direct contract with our control room that will be operating 24 hours a day.

Site Equipment

Handcuffs, Batons and baton holders, Bibs, Umbrellas, Raincoats, Torches, OB, Entry and Access control books, Whistes, Specialized equipment that individual sites require

Officers performing patrols are to be alert for the following:

Safety hazards, Damage to company property, Open doors, windows, etc The information will be assessed immediately to determine the effectiveness of the patrol sequence